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The Game Shakers

Special Event 14 Oct. Palais des festivals, Cannes, France


Reed MIDEM (with registered offices at 27-33 Quai Alphonse Le Gallo, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt – France) is the official organiser (the “Organiser”) of Esports BAR, taking place from 11 to 13 February, 2020, in Cannes, and of the related Game Shakers 2020 competition event (the “Event”), closed by a ceremony (the “Ceremony”) held on February 11th in Cannes, during which the results will be disclosed and the winners awarded.
The Game Shakers are intended to highlight individuals, companies or projects that are helping esports to reach out to new audiences.
The competition rules of The Game Shakers are detailed hereafter (“Rules”).

Item 1: How the competition is organised?

In order to be nominated by our judging panel – there is nothing to do, as the Jury selects the nominees (here-after the “Nominees”) in total independence.
It is of course free of charge and concerns projects, individual(s) or companies located worldwide and responding to the criteria indicated here-after. It is not required to be registered to Esports Bar 2019 to be selected.
The deadline for the first selection is October 19 for the Shaker of the Year category and December 15 for the four (4) other categories listed below. The Organiser can decide to postpone those deadlines if necessary.
There is no specific limit on the number of Nominees (person or project) per company, as long as each Nominee meets the criteria stipulated in the Rules.

Item 2: Competition categories and nominating criteria

The Esports Shaker of the Year – an outstanding personality who has raised esports awareness around the world.
– Action that helped esport get a wider recognition amongst “neophytes”
– An international impact
– Game changer for the esports business

The Media Shaker – a project associating esports and a media that has reached new audiences, beyond esports’ core base.
– Project happened between Oct. 1, 2018 and Oct.1, 2019
– Helped esports reach new audiences
– Game changer for the esports world

The Brand Shaker – a project associating esports and a brand that has reached new audiences, beyond esports’ core base.
– Project happened between Oct. 1, 2018 and Oct.1, 2019
– Helped esports reach new audiences
– Game changer for the esports world

The Sport Shaker – a project associating esports and a sport that has reached new audiences, beyond esports’ core base.
– Project happened between Oct. 1, 2018 and Oct.1, 2019
– Helped esports reach new audiences
– Game changer for the esports world

The Community Shaker – An Esports organization (team) who has worked to strengthen its fan base engagement and widen its community to reach a new audience and raise awareness of esports.
– Initiatives happened between Oct. 1, 2018 and Oct.1, 2019
– Actions that helped building and nurturing a strong fan base
– Helped esports reach new audiences

Item 3: Judging panel and its missions

The Game Shakers nominees are selected and nominated in total independence by an international jury composed of acknowledged leaders from the esports sector, based on the criteria set out in Item 2 here above. The Jury members are:
Matthieu Dallon, Webedia Strategic Advisor, Trust Esport Ventures CEO
Leo De Biase, Founder & CMO at BBL
Alban Dechelotte, Head of Sponsorship & Business Development EU Esport, Riot Game
Justin Dellario, Head of Esports, Twitch
Jennifer Dill, Vice President, esports, Turner Sports
Jason Fung, Global Esports Director, Alisports Alibaba Group
Paul Johnson, VP, Commercialization, Competitive Gaming Division, Electronic Art
Susie Kim, Esports Veteran, Consultant, Advocate for the Next Generation of Gamers
Sam Mathews, Founder and CEO, Fnatic
Carlos Ocelote Rodriguez, Founder and CEO, G2 Esports
Ralf Reichert, CEO of ESL
Stuart Saw, SVP, Esports, IMG
Wouter Sleijffers, Former CEO Fnatic

Each member of the Jury will make a confidential ranked proposal of up to 5 candidates. Points are attributed as follows:
7 points for the 1st candidate listed.
5 points for the 2nd candidate listed.
3 points for the 3rd candidate listed.
2 points for the 4th candidate listed.
1 points for the 5th candidate listed.

The Jury members are authorised to nominate themselves and/or a project in which their company is involved, but no more than once per category.

According to the total amount of points received by a project, a company or an individual, the Nominee’s list of 3 names per category will be established (5 names for the Esports Shaker of the Year, undetermined for the Community Shaker category.) In case of a tie between several candidates, the candidate having received the most of jury’s votes will be selected. In case of an ex aequo between the most popular Nominees, a random and impartial choice will be made by the Organiser. In case one or several jury members did not send their choices or have chosen to withdraw from the jury, the Nominees’ list would be established with the proposals of the other jury members.

In case some nomination picks did not match with the criteria defined above, the said nominations would not be taken into account to establish the Nominees’ list.

The Jury’s decision is final and irrevocable and will not have to be motivated.

The same project cannot be nominated in two different categories. In case the votes would lead to such a case, the Organiser would be entitled to choose the most appropriate category for the project.

For the Community Shaker category, the Game Shakers nominees are selected and nominated by our judging panel based on the criteria set out in Item 2.

Each member of the Jury will make a confidential proposal up to 5 nominees. Points are attributed as follows:
7 points for the 1st candidate listed.
5 points for the 2nd candidate listed.
3 points for the 3rd candidate listed.
2 points for the 4th candidate listed.
1 points for the 5th candidate listed.

In addition of these 5 nominees, each jury member have the opportunity to nominate a team as its favorite, which will automatically be chosen for the finalists. This process will allow smaller and less budgeted teams to be present for public voting to congratulate innovative projects. The organizations directly selected as “favorites” cannot be included in the list of 5 organizations nominated by the addition of the votes.

Item 4: Information to Nominees

Nominees, their Companies and/or representatives will be informed by email or any other way of their selection by Jury. In case of projects involving several companies or individuals, the Organiser will be entitled to choose the most relevant one(s) to represent the project.

Item 5: Conditions of participation

Once informed of their selection:

– The Nominees will be asked to supply additional elements which may be displayed on site as well as during the Event. The Organiser reserves the right to choose which elements will be displayed and modify them to guarantee the quality of the competition and the Ceremony.

– The Nominees are informed that the Organizer’s team will photograph and/or record their voice and image during the award ceremony, including video(s) and/or image(s) of their presentation, if any, and distribute said photos and/or recordings to third parties and to communicate them to the public, in the whole world, which may be presented (in particular in the form of live or delayed broadcasting), reproduced without limit as to the number of reproductions and published, in the whole world, for a period of five (5) years, in any format, using any method or process known or unknown at this time, in whole or in part, on all tangible or intangible media known or unknown at this time, including, in particular, the internet (as the Esports Bar and Reed MIDEM’s websites and of its partners and social networks, as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), and on any other promotional or marketing tool it may use for information or promotional purposes.

– The Nominees also certify that they have been authorised to this end by potential co‑creators or third parties and commit to provide the Organiser with the name of the photographer (photo credit).

– To the same end, Nominees also authorise the Organiser to freely use any project logos, trademarks, titles, extracts and other intangible rights and promotional items to the 2020 edition of the Event.

– The Nominees will be provided with two (2) complimentary registrations for Esports Bar and two invitations to the Game Shakers event, but will be responsible for their accommodation, flights and expenses on site and other costs and expenses of attending and participating in all aspects of the event.

– In case there is a presentation of their works of company or a pitch, the Nominees or their representative will be asked to submit their presentation to the Organiser’s Team, ahead of the event to help adapt and improve it if necessary, and to attend a preparatory and technical rehearsal of the live Ceremony held on February 11th, 2020. Final rehearsal schedule will be confirmed by the Organiser’s Team to all Nominees at the announcement of the selection.

– In case there is a presentation of their works of company or a pitch during the ceremony, warrant that the Nominees have the right and authority to submit and present their works, and that the it does not infringe upon or violate any copyright, trademark, right of privacy or right of publicity or any other right of any kind or nature of any person or entity.

– The Nominees agree to be bound by the present Rules and Regulations. Nominees agree that any failure to abide by any term contained in the Rules and Regulations may result in the disqualification of their participation. The Nominees acknowledge and accept that all rulings of the Organizer’s Team and all decisions of the Jury shall be binding and final.

Item 6: Voting process and results

All Esports BAR and partners contacts will be able to vote by email and online to determine the order of three (3) winners (hereafter the “Winner(s)”: Bronze Shaker, Silver Shaker and Gold Shaker in the following categories:

. The Media Shaker
. The Brand Shaker
. The Sport Shaker

Their vote will be combined, representing 100% of the final result that will determine each category Winner.
In the event of an ex aequo between two or more nominees, the jury will determine the Winner in the presence of an Organiser’s representative.
For the category “The Esports Shaker of the Year”, the Jury will vote for the Winner. The Jury members are not entitled to vote in a category in case they or their company is nominated in this category.
For the category The Community Shakers, the nominees selected by the jury will be submitted to an online open vote, which will determine the winner of the Community Shaker category. The vote, held on www.thegamesakers.com, is open to anyone, who can vote once, for one nominee.

Item 7: The Shaker of the Year

Given its specific importance in the media, the “Shaker of the Year” Winner has to attend The Game Shakers event to receive his / her prize.
The Jury will select Nominees and establish a ranking, which will be kept confidential. The personality coming first in the Jury’s vote will be contacted by the Organiser and asked if he/she formally accepts the prize by attending the event. In case he/she does not reply or accept, the prize will be attributed to the first personality to accept it following the Jury’s vote ranking.

Item 8: The Game Shakers Event

The results will be announced at the Ceremony, which will take place on February 11th, 2020 during Esports BAR in Cannes.
Official representatives for the Winners will collect their prizes on stage.
The prize-giving may be photographed and recorded for the purposes of promoting the Game Shakers, the Winners, the Nominees and their project(s). Winners and Nominees authorise the Organiser and its representatives to photograph and video and audio record the prize-giving directly or indirectly, including their likenesses and voices, together with any elements related to their projects, and to reproduce and broadcast those photography and recording to the public by any means, notably on the internet, as specified in Item 5 above, including the Esports Bar and The Game Shakers websites for promotional purposes. Winners and Nominees also certify and guarantee that they have been authorised to this end by their official representatives and any potential co-creators and third parties.

Item 9: The Gains

– Visibility during The Game Shakers 2020 ceremony.
– Visibility in The Game Shakers communication and marketing tools (website and social networks).
– Possibility to use in all their communications a logo or a specific branded image, related to this award that will be sent to them by Reed MIDEM.

Item 10: Claims/ Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Organizer’s Team reserves the right to change, modify or amend the Rules at any time. 
If for any reason Esports Bar 2020 in Cannes is interrupted, delayed or cancelled or cannot be completed as planned, the Organizer’s Team reserves the right to postpone, suspend or terminate Esports Bar 2020, without any indemnification whatsoever. If any provision of the Rules is declared invalid or unenforceable, all other provisions shall remain in effect.
The Rules shall be construed under and governed by French law.

Item 11 Privacy and Data Policy

The Organiser collects participants’ personal data by the present document or during participation to the Event (attended places or events, services operated). The data is processed by the Organiser for the purposes of carrying out its contractual obligations (notably customer’s data base management, events, services and ticketing management, invoicing and cash collection management) and promoting its activity. Such data is stored for a maximum duration of 10 years. This personal data can be:
• integrated into the online database available to Participants to enable them to prepare the Event, promote their business and schedule their business appointments within the Event. In this respect, Participants undertake not to use the data for any other purposes. Reed MIDEM reserves the right to stop by any means any disturbance caused by any forbidden use of personal data;
• transmitted to sub processors that have undertaken to comply with Data Protection Laws requirement such as companies belonging to the same group, in particular the companies of the RELX group, service providers and partners, who may be located outside the European Economic Area;
• communicated to Participants, such as speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and sellers, who can be located outside the European Economic Area to carry out commercial prospecting;
• used on all distribution and promotional media in connection with the relevant Event including over the internet;
• processed for distribution and promotional analysis (profiling, targeting).
As a data controller, the Organiser have implemented and maintain appropriate technical and organisational measures in such a manner that its processing of personal data meet the requirements of French and European Data Protection Laws and in particular GDPR.
Participants may exercise their right to access, obtain, correct and oppose the use of their personal data by writing to: contact.dpo@reedmidem.com. In case of unsatisfied answer to Participants’ request, Participants may raise a complaint before the French National Data Protection Authority (Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés or CNIL) www.cnil.fr